Dedication Glossary

• The dedication glossary provides an alphabetical list of terms functional to the consultation of AIDI, and useful to researchers working on dedications. The glossary consists of definitions either established during the course of this research project, or already existent in the ancient and modern bibliography on the subject, from which they have been drawn, adapted and/or modified.

• Entries are not mutually exclusive as they refer to different fields (morphology, position, function, etc.). For example, a dedication can be simultaneously epigraphical, public, and iterated, or epistolary and private.

• For the sake of clarity, definitions are supported by easily recognizable examples, and short bibliographical references, which include author's name, shortened title, and year of publication (year of composition for posthumous published works). For example: Bembo, Prose della volgar lingua (1525); Foscolo, ‘Sesto tomo dell'io' (1801). Some of these examples can be consulted in AIDI.

• This Glossary does not intend to be exhaustive, nor does it aim to establish a mode of definition of and for dedications. Rather it is conceived to be progressively expanded and integrated: suggestions and additions are more than welcome (