• The Gallery collects iconographical material from different media sources on the subject of dedications. The Gallery is divided into two sections: Iconography of dedications and Portraits of dedicators.

Iconography of dedications collects different types of images (miniatures, paintings, frescoes, etchings, etc.) displaying scenes of offering and dedication. The images can be searched by an alphabetical index through the name of the artist or, if anonymous, the century.

Portraits of dedicators offers an ideal gallery of portraits of dedicators registered in AIDI. The portraits, even more than one of the same subject, can be different in nature (paintings, photographs, etchings, sculptures, etc.). Organized in an alphabetical index they can be traced by inserting the name of the character painted.

• The iconographical materials here presented do not intend to be exhaustive or systematic. Rather, the Gallery is conceived as a further aid to whoever is interested in the subject of dedications or is looking for the picture of a specific dedicator. Therefore it is meant to be in constant expansion: suggestions and additions are more than welcome (