Dedication bibliography

• The Dedication bibliography offers an alphabetical list of specific texts on the subject of dedications, useful to anyone who would like to address this genre.

• It includes ancient and modern works in different languages. It covers various traditions and cultural areas, but privileges studies on dedications to literary, philosophical and historical works in Italian.

• It is divided into three sections: Studies and Essays (I), Texts (II) and Catalogues and Indexes (III). Studies and Essays includes both old and modern critical literature. Texts does not include bibliographical references on single dedications; rather it includes references to collections, anthologies and manuals with examples of dedications. Catalogues and Indexes includes catalogues of dedications, and catalogues of exhibitions, library funds, auctions and antique libraries if they refer to authors included in AIDI, and if they include references on dedications .

• This Bibliography does not intend to be exhaustive. Rather it is conceived as a work in progress: suggestions are more than welcome (