Journal of Dedications

• The Journal of Dedications is called «Margini». From 2007, it publishes once a year. Subscription is free.

• «Margini» publishes articles, texts and materials related to dedications and other paratexts. The journal hosts contributions in different languages (although Italian is predominant) with an abstract in English. The articles and materials are relevant to dedications and paratexts of different nature, and from different traditions and cultural areas (literature, history, philosophy, art, music, etc.)

• The journal includes three sections: Essays (unpublished contributions), Library (previously published ‘classics') and Wunderkammer (narrative texts on dedications, ancient treatises on dedications, dictionary entries, and curiosities).

• If you are interested in publishing articles or materials in the Journal of Dedications please send your contribution to: Contributions must be written in compliance with the journal's Editorial norms.

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